★★★★★ “One adrenaline rush after another.”

★★★★★ “Believe me, you won’t see ‘em coming.”


★★★★★ “A thoroughly galloping read.”

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★★★★★ “Certainly a memorable love story.”

★★★★ “I loved this pulse pounding work of word art.”

★★★★★ “Amazing, intriguing, romantic…”


Manhattan lawyer and oil heiress Sarita Salt has just suffered the most intimate of betrayals. But the loss of a husband and the not-so-small fortune he snorted up his nose pale compared to her utter loss of trust in herself.

Licking her wounds, she retreats to the family ranch outside of Johnson City for solitude and re-centering. She has no way of knowing the dangers lurking in the once peaceful Texas Hill Country.

When old friends introduce her to aristocratic Mexican businessman Vicente de la Vega, immediate sparks fly. But so do bullets.

She hasn’t the foggiest clue who is trying to kill her or why she is the target of assassins. But she clearly has landed in some serious hot water. Is Vicente not really who he seems to be? Has his glittering continent-hopping lifestyle put her in the middle of an international drug cartel war?

Her gut says to trust him, that he may be the love of her life. But right now it’s looking like her life may really short. And her gut is the same one that failed her miserably just a few months ago.

ONE THING IS CERTAIN. If Sarita wants to stay alive, she has to learn to trust again. And figure out who to trust. Fast.

Because no matter how great the love story, life goes on. At least you hope it does. You’re just not so terribly sure when everyone in tarnation seems to be trying to kill you. Still.

Originally released in novelette length, the FULL STORY is set for release in 2023.